Oil Tank Replacement
Please note that with effect from 6th November 2015, Adler & Allan has acquired the goodwill and assets of Tank Replacement Ltd of Wigton, Cumbria. Jason Penrice has joined Adler and Allan as the Fuel Installation Manager based at Carlisle and can be contacted on 07970-491026 jason.Penrice@adlerandallan.co.uk

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If you have an older, metal tank it probably needs replacing. Even if you check and paint your tank every year you won't know there's a problem until it begins to leak. Condensation causes the tank to corrode from the inside taking you completely by surprise and thats were our oil tank replacement services can help you.

Regulations imposed on oil tank installations are for your benefit. An oil leak is a very costly thing to clean up. Large fines have also been imposed in the past. The main causes of most incidents are badly positioned tanks or they have been put on badly prepared bases and never maintained since installation. An oil tank should be inspected annually then any potential problems can be remedied before they become a major incident.

At Tank Replacement we will replace your tank with the minimum disruption to yourselves. Our friendly and efficient Oil tank replacement services mean that when we leave everything is in good working order and the area is clean and tidy.

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If you store oil of any kind at your premises you need to comply with new goverment regulations, this could apply to you. Oil as far as the goverment is concerned includes:

Central Heating Oil
Lubricating Oil
Vegetable Oil
Heavy oils such as bitumen
Oils used as solvents, such as paraffin or kerosene
Waste Oil

Oil is a common and highly visible form of pollution. It is poisonous to fish and other wildlife and smothers plants. Just two litres of oil could make the volume of fresh water needed to fill an Olympic size swimming pool undrinkable. Oil accounts for over one quarter of all pollution incidents in the UK each year. Many drains lead directly to rivers, streams or lakes. If you allow oil to enter these drains, it has the same effect as pouring it directly into the watercourse

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